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Hey Everybody! I am big time excited that you have connected with me on my website! Hopefully you had a chance to watch my short “What I Believe” video above. Although my official title is that of a licensed counselor and professional speaker, I’m really a relationship coach at heart. I’ve spent the last 30 years helping couples create marriages that make them excited to wake up in the morning (at least most days) to a spouse who knows and cares for them deeply. When I am not in my role of relationship coach, I enjoy spending time fishing, boating, paddle boarding, grilling, and watching my Virginia Tech Hokies! (Yes, I live in Bulldog country and I’m married to a Georgia Bulldog fan, so we also watch plenty of the Dawgs, too!) My wife Stuart and I started our business Impacting People because we have the desire to give people real hope and the tools they need to create an amazing marriage! As you saw from my video, I believe with everything I have that folks just like you and me are capable of making their marriage great! I hope you decide to receive my free coaching tips on creating the marriage you were meant to have (I might include some grilling tips once in awhile!). Join us on the journey. We will share the good along with the not-so-perfect as we experience married life together. It’s our desire that your marriage will grow into an intimate relationship you never even knew to wish for.

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Do you ever wonder how you and your spouse can write a marriage story full of joy, excitement, connection, and romance? Marriage expert, Dr. David Anderson has developed the most enjoyable and effective couple’s weekend on the planet! You will learn amazing “psycho-babble-free” tools for overcoming those obstacles that prevent couples from experiencing God’s best in marriage. Don’t miss the incredible opportunity to experience Dr. Anderson’s Intimate Marriage Academy along with his wife, Stuart and the rest of the IMA team! You will mark the Intimate Marriage Academy weekend as the turning point for your new life in marriage.

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